Saturday, August 16, 2008

Aloo Bhagarey (Potato Masala Fry)

Seasoned with curry leaves, in this recipe are used sesame seeds, coconut and groundnut along with tamarind. Can be tried with lemon juice also.


  • Peel and cut each potato into two pieces.
  • Roast the onions on a griddle till they soften and turn light golden brown.
  • Dry roast together on medium heat the sesame seeds, peanuts, dessicated coconut, till they darken slightly and start emitting an aroma.
  • Grind together the onions, roasted spices, ginger, garlic, salt, turmeric powder, coriander powder, red chili powder to a fine paste.
  • Heat oil, stir fry potato pieces till they are pink. Add curry leaves, stir.
  • Add masaala paste to it along with tamarind juice, tomato paste and salt. Cook on medium heat, stirring occasionally but very gently till excess of water evaporates.
  • Serve hot with parathas ( Pan-fried Indian Flat Bread) and Raita.

Do You Know?
Eating potatoes is reported to be great for liver and muscles. They also contain high amounts of carbohydrates, which reportedly provide a great source of energy.
Potatoes also contain Vitamin C, good for promoting a healthy immunity system, as well as potassium, Vitamin B3 and folic acid (folate).
Consuming potatoes is reported to be good for improving memory.

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