Thursday, August 7, 2008

Paneer Tikka

Soft, juicy chunks of paneer marinated and then grilled with vegetables This is a great dish to serve as a appetizer in any party.

1" cubes of paneer (cottage cheese) ( about 24 pieces)
2 tsp Tandoori Masala
¼ cup yogurt
Pinch of yellow food color
Coriander chutney ( coriander paste)
1 large onions cut into 1" square pieces
1 large capsicum cut into 1” square pieces
2 medium hard tomatoes cut into 1”square pieces
5-6 tbsps cooking oil
2 tsps Chaat Masala
1 tbsp lemon juice
24 picksticks

Divide paneer chunks in three parts.
Mix 1 tsp of tandoori masala, 4 tsp yogurt, 1tsp cooking oil and salt to make a smooth paste in a bowl. Add one part of paneer to this mixture and coat them well.
In an second bowl take another part of paneer and mix well with the mixture made by mixing 4 tsp of yogurt, yellow food color and salt.
In a third bowl mix coriander chutney to the remaining part of the paneer chunks. (Coriander chutney can be made by grinding ½ cup of corianeder leaves, 2 green chillies and 1 tsp of lemon juice and salt together)
Cover the bowls and keep in the refrigerator to marinate for 2-3 hours.
Mix the remaining 1 tsp of Tandoori Masala with 1 tsp of oil and coat onion, capsicum and tomato pieces well.
Take a toothpick and thread one marinated paneer, one capsicum piece, one onion piece and one tomato piece in a combination of your choice.
Preheat grill on medium. Put the paneer sticks on it and brush with a little cooking oil. Grill till paneer is light golden. Do not overcook or the paneer will become rubbery.
Remove these sticks onto a plate and sprinkle with Chaat Masala. Squeeze some lemon juice over the paneer skewers and serve hot.

This simple dish can be made ahead of time and grilled quickly when you're ready to eat. It also makes a great appetizer.


Ritu said...

looks yummy!!

Everyday Indian said...

Thanks Ritu for visiting my Blog. Just try this recipe when you have your friends at home and let me know their comments.