Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rasedar Lamb Chops (Lamb Chops Curry)

It is very simple recipe to follow. Lamb Chops are cooked with only spices and yogurt.



  • Wash the lamb chops and keep aside to drain.
  • Heat oil in a pressure cooker on medium flame.
  • Add hing, bay leaves, cloves, cinnamon stick and cardamoms.
  • Add first red chili powder and then all the spices, stirring it a little (be careful not to burn the spices).
  • Add the yogurt to the spices and keep stirring till all the spices separate from the oil.
  • Now add the lamb chops. Fry it a little until it is no longer pink.
  • Add salt and 2 cups of water.
  • Pressure cook it till the meat is tender.
  • When ready, serve in a serving bowl, sprinkle the garam masala on it and serve hot with rice or roti, Sabji, Raita, Salad.

Do You Know?

In North India, dishes are classified as sukhi (dry) and tari wali (with liquid). The word ‘tari’ is derived from Persian word ‘tar’ meaning ‘wet’ and has no implications for the presence or absence of spice, or whether the dish is Indian or not (e.g. any stew, spicy or not, would be considered a ‘curry dish’, simply because it is wet).

In Urdu, curry is usually referred to as ‘saalan. The equivalent word for a spiced dish in Hindi, is ‘masaledar’ (i.e. with masala).

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